How to Start Your Own Digital Printing Business

How to Start Your Own Digital Printing Business?

Digital Printing Business was very in demand nowadays. It would be very profitable business especially if you have the best quality of equipment and reliable partners regarding with your supplies. How to Start Your Own Digital Printing Business? Having a good partner in agreement with your supplies is vital in business. Starting your own digital printing business is not complicated as you think, you don’t have to occupy a large place area, social media is one of the effective ways of marketing to gain a lot of customers.


Digital T-shirt Printing

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Transfer your designs to your t-shirt by using heat press process. The primary equipment that you need in T-shirt Printing is Heat Press Machine Inkjet printer using pigment ink and transfer paper. We have what we called Dark transfer paper for colored and dark fabric, and we also have Light Transfer paper which is on white fabric. We have other materials like transfer vinyl film. It has different types according to your preferences. There is rubberized glossy, metallic, hologram, printable vinyl and much more. It’s applicable for cotton, polyester or nylons. It requires Cutting Plotter Machine to cut our designs in using transfer vinyl film.


Sublimation Printing

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Sublimation printing needs Inkjet printer with sublimation ink and Heat Press machine for the t-shirt or any fabric print, but remember that it should be polyester, and it applies to a light colored fabric. Usually, we’re using Mug Press Machine to transfer our designs to our mugs, now we have the newest 3D Sublimation Vacuum Machine which is suitable for sublimated product like cups, tumbler, shot glass, plate, photo rock, keychain, mobile phone cases, and any other sublimation blanks.


Personalizing Button Pin, Photo editing, Cards and Lamination

Digital Printing Basic Operation

In digital printing, personalizing images and cards is very usual, and you can start by making an invitations, fliers, photo editing, button pins, lamination and more depends on your creativity. Digital printing refers to methods of printing from a digital-based image directly to a variety of media. These are the basic operations in Digital Printing Business. 



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